Ross Chiles

Hello, we are CascadeBSD.  


Founded in 2002, our team makes working internationally feel as easy as working with the guys across town.  In fact, it's even better because we work while you sleep, so you can wake up to good news in your inbox. 


They say the world's not as big as it used to be.  We actually make it feel that way.


Aaron Han

Founder, Head of Making Stuff

Founder, Head of Creating Stuff

As a life long entreprenuer, he enjoys helping people realize their vision to make and sell stuff.  Ross has had years of experience in international trade, retail sales, product & brand development, and business strategy.


Ross is a creative thinker that you can always count on for the best in service and attention to detail,  

Aaron loves to make things and has more than 30 years experience in engineering, design and manufacturing.


He works directly to qualify each factory and to ensure that each product meets our customers rigorous needs for timeliness, quality and price.

Ready to make some stuff? Contact us!

9F-2, 180 Nanjing E Rd, Sec 4

Taipei, Taiwan 10553

Tel: +886-2-2577-6790



One Source, One Solution

CascadeBSD's 35 team members are dedicated to making your business easier and more productive. 


We have expertise in numerous industries: craft & hobby, jewelry, stationary, giftware, textiles, bags, glassware, printing, beauty supplies, building materials, electronics and metal extrusions, casting, forging and machining.

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