Joe Sparano

"Good design is obvious. 
Great design is transparent."


Prototype & Test.

Prototypes allow you to get input and test functionality and style.  Show it to people unfamiliar but interested in the product.  Implement good feedback to improve the design.


It isn't always necessary to reinvent the wheel.  It's a good idea to review and research all the competitor products on the market and gauge which design features make the product successful.

Think Simple.

There is no reason to complicate any problem. The best product designs are typically those that form a simple connection between function and design. 

Allow Plenty of Time.

One of the biggest hinderances to the success of a product launch can be a lack of time. Creating attractive and functional products requires multiple designs and careful review of function and form. Planning extra time in the develelpment cycle allows you to overcome unexpected challenges.

Brand Yourself.

Nearly any company will fall apart without an established style.  Consider subtle opprotunities to create consistency in look and feel.  Add logos, tags, zipper pulls, etc... to personalize and add value.

Keep Focus.

It can be difficult to keep on top of a large product introduction. Online project management tools are key to successfully managing a complex product mix. 

By helping you understand the manufacturing requirements upfront, during your design phase, we help you discover efficiencies and opportunities to lower costs and improve quality.  Our designers and engineers can also help speed up the process and lower the costs of development.  Our team's tools and experience will bring focus to your plans and help drive the product development cycle, allowing you to complete projects on time and on budget.