George Bernard Shaw

“Imagination is the beginning of creation.
You imagine it, you will it, you create it.”


Learn from you Competitors

Research the market and learn from your competitors' successes and failures.

Clarify your Stategy

Decide how these ideas fit within your strategy.  Make sure you have the resources to devote to development.

Think Outside the Box

Generate lots of ideas for new and modified products.  Ask customers for feedback, consider employee suggestions, look at new technical opportunities.

Always have Extra Ideas 

Having more ideas available than you need for a new product introduction in critical.  If something doesn't work out you can move on to a different idea quickly.

Define Clear Product Specs

Identify your key product functions and selling points. Focus on the user and create the best possible product for them.

Set Budgets & Timelines Early

Define your objectives clearly with costs and timelines.  Estimate the likely selling price and set target production costs.

You know what you want to create and make.  We help you understand the possibilities of what you could make, or how you could make it better, or easier, or cheaper - expanding your options.  We'll even review your current product plan and help you define possible line extenstions and new category options.